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CMC Model Guns

CMC was a Japanese model gun manufacturer that no longer exists. The CMC model guns were renowned for their real gun-like finish and materials. All CMC model guns were manufactured from real wood and metals. The CMC model guns displayed here are collectible used models in good to excellent condition unless otherwise mentioned. CMC model gun accessories are available from time to time.

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CMC Mauser Kar 98k (PFC Model Gun)

CMC Mauser Kar 98k (PFC Model Gun)
Made in Japan
Collectable used model

An vintage Mauser Kar 98k model gun that is still the best Kar 98k replica in the market. This model gun version is very authentic thanks to the materials used and craftsmanship of the long defunct CMC. In addition of these factors the CMC Mauser Kar 98k can fire PFC cartridges to simulate real firing.

The rifle is packed in World War II themed carton and comes with five cartridges, leather sling and 100pcs of firing caps. Made by CMC, Japan (no longer made). More information


CMC World War II M1 Carbine [Non-firing model gun]

CMC World War II M1 Carbine [Non-firing model gun]
Incredibly Rare!!
Incredibly Realistic!!

This fine M1 Carbine was completely sold out until very recently. Its availability is therefore very rare.

The CMC WWII M1 Carbine features a full metal and wood build. It is a highly realistic replica of the World War II M1 Carbine. More information


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