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Tokyo Central Hobbies specializes in delivering high- quality Japanese hobby products to customers throughout the world by means of advanced Internet shopping (e-commerce). As we are located in the heart of Japan, Tokyo, we have excellent access to various hobby products that are manufactured in Japan. Presently, our main product line is airsoft and model guns and their accessories. Our product selection consists of Asahi Firearms, CAW, CMC, Freedom Arts, Hartford, Hudson, JAC, Kokusai, Marushin, Maruzen Model Gun Corporation (MGC), Tanaka Works, Tokyo Marui, TOP, Shoei, Systema/Z-shot, Western Arms, and many other manufacturers. All of our products are made in Japan under the highest quality control measures and with strict attention paid to the recreation of details of the actual counterparts.

Why purchase from us?
When you purchase from us, you are purchasing directly from the country where the product is manufactured and where price competition is the highest. By purchasing directly from the manufacturing country, you save on all the middlemen expenses. This is why our price is the lowest among retailers and wholesalers. In addition to our competitive pricing, we offer you products that are not sold anywhere else-please keep checking our selection for regular updates or feel free to inquire about rare models.

When we first introduced the concept of selling directly from Japan to the end user, this idea was brand new and untested. As the first online store (for airsoft and model guns) in 2001, we learned everything through experience. Since the days of our first baby steps, our business concepts and operations have gradually improved resulting in the current website and services you see today. We are an division of TTD company.

Message to our customers
Our goal is to serve as your gateway to the new and amazing hobby world. To be able to act as that gateway, we provide professional services to overseas customers and we are committed to providing these special hobby products at the best available price and with the relevant supplemental information.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to serve you.  

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