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It is here! The Tanio Koba New Wild 7 Prop Base Custom Movie Gun

RELEASED TODAY! ONLY 50PCS HAVE BEEN MADE IN TOTAL. ORDER NOW TO SECURE YOURS! Tanio Koba made this special custom version of his M4 Model Gun for the Japanese action movie series “Wild Seven 7″. Tanio Koba M4 “Wild Seven 7″. This movie prop gun features real magazine change, ejection of spent cartridges, firing sparks, […]

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Tanio Kobayashi’s M4 CP Model Gun Review

TANIO KOBAYASHI’S M4 CP MODEL GUN REVIEW Order yours here Tanio Koba released today the new “Wild Seven 7″ Prop Movie Gun version of their early 2011 M4 Model Gun release which we will here review for those who are contemplating of acquiring either one of them. First it must be mentioned that this model […]

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Tactical up: LayLax M4 Ambi Magazine Catch

This neat new custom part from LayLax allows ambidexterous handling of M4 when it comes to magazine release. Given M4/M16 series old design it lacks ambidexterious capability, but with this simple custom part a lot of that is cured. On sale now.

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New version of TOP M4! Shell ejecting SR-16 Knight’s CQB EBB

PRE-ORDER HERE Out of the blue TOP has announced the all-new SR-16 Knight CQB version of the TOP M4A1 Shell Ejecting Electric Blowback carbine! Featuring shortened CQB-type barrel, Stoner markings equipped receiver, tactical front grip and RAS-unit among other goodies this special version is surely of interest for tactical airsoft operators and military/LE training specialists. […]

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