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Marushin M16A1 with SP M203 Grenade Launcher (Custom Model Gun)

Special custom model! Only one made! This is an custom made Marushin M16A1 factory assembled classic model gun with Sun Project M203 grenade launcher that comes with realistic sights and capability to fire gas grenades.

The Marushin M16A1 plug fire model gun itself has been internally modified to non-firing standard and is suitable for display, re-enactment and movie propping purposes. It can manually cycle cartridges like real M16A1.

Included is both 20rnd and 30rnd magazines and five 5.56 replica plug fire cartridges.

Only one unit of this collectable custom model gun has been made. Order now with special discounted price!


Marushin UZI PFC Model Gun Special Offer

Normally $778.00, now just $390.00 for as long as stocks last!

Full size, full metal cap firing model gun that has been modelled after the legendary UZI submachine gun that has seen extensive combat across the world since 1950s. Compact, easy-to-use and affordable to obtain, the UZI
has been used in almost every major conflict to date. This rare reproduction was discontinued many years ago and is scarcely available
these days.

These Marushin UZI PFC model guns are second hand examples in good condition.


* Full metal build
* Folding stock
* Disassembles like real
* Uses realistic 9mm PFC cartridges that are reusable
* Real-like magazines
* Operates & fires exactly like real
* Smoke, firing sparks, etc. blank ammo-like effects
* Spent cartridges eject like real
* Semi/full automatic

Technical specification

Type: Cap Firing Model Gun

Length: 652mm
Weight: 2600g
Magazine capacity: 32


Kokusai Colt Python .357 Magnum 8inch 24k Full Gold Finish Model Gun

Colt Python .357 Magnum 6inch 24k Full Gold Finish model gun from Kokusai. Featuring combat-type rubber grips, red-lamp front sight and new 7mm real-type cartridge. Ships from November 16th, 2011.

Technical specifications:

Operating principle: Cap firing model gun revolver
Lenght: 340mm (8inch)
Weight: 1200g
Capacity: 6 rounds


CAW IJA Paratrooper Type 100 Model Gun

Designed and built by the Nambu Arms Manufacturing Company, the Type 100 was a robust, if unremarkable, submachine gun that mimicked the famous Bergmann MP18 submachine gun in many ways. First samples were delivered to the Imperial Army in 1942 and in total some 30,000 were manufactured. The early production models displayed higher quality and “luxury” items such as bipod. Later production models were less refined as war situation demanded faster production and less use of material resources. Special folding type version was made for Japanese paratroopers and this variant has been also faithfully reproduced by the Japanese maker CAW.

Also, long range sights have been replicated. This early war model doesn’t not have a flash hider yet as it was introduced only in the later models. The shape of the stock is different around the cartridge ejecting area and there are grooves so that the bipod can be folded.

This rare model gun faithfully replicates the Imperial Japanese Army paratroopers folding Type 100 submachine gun and is of museum display quality. Full metal and wood construction. Fully functioning non-firing replica model gun.

* Made of zinc alloy, aluminum, steel and wood
* Extremely detailed construction
* Uses replica Nambu 8mm cartridges (magazine capacity 30 rounds), comes standard with five (additional cartridges are available)
* Fully functioning (loading, cocking, folding stock, etc.)

Lenght: 870mm
Weight: 3,900g
Magazine capacity: 30


Tokyo Marui new releases for Christmas 2011

Tokyo Marui announced its new models for Christmas and end of 2011 in the annual Japan Model Hobby Show held in Tokyo between October 13-16th. Most, if not all, of the new Tokyo Marui models will hit the market in time for Christmas. The lineup this year is quite interesting for any longtime watchers and fans of Tokyo Marui products. All models listed here will be gradually added to our store as they come available, but if you are interested in pre-order please feel free to email us for details.

Main releases

Automatic Electric Guns

SCAR-Heavy Mk. 17 Mod 0 AEG

- 7.62mm caliber version of the venerable SCAR assault rifle. Tokyo Marui has changed the magazine entirely to fit the heavier 7.62mm caliber theme
- Magazines will be sold in low-capacity 90rnd and high-capacity magazine configurations
- New Barrel Change System – comes by default in two selectable barrel configurations: 16″ Standard and 13″ Close Quarters Combat (CQC)
- Comes with new stock cheek rest
- As usual, the model will be sold in both Flat Dark Earth and Black colors
- Metal parts are: Upper receiver including the rail system, outer barrel, flash hider and magazine
- MSRP at 62,800 yen is close to earlier SCAR releases, so retail prices in overseas will be about the same as before
- Planned release date end of 2011

Download official Tokyo Marui PDF here

Navy SEALS Sniper Rifle Recce Rifle Tan Color Model AEG

- CNC-made Light Rail System with 10inch barrel
- New Barrel Change System – comes by default in two selectable barrel lenght configurations: 16″ “Snipe” and 12″ “Attack”
- Tan color finish
- Otherwise similar to the earlier Recce rifle by Tokyo Marui
- MSRP 64,800 yen

Download official Tokyo Marui PDF here

Steyr High Cycle Tan Color AEG

- Same as earlier 2011 release, the Tokyo Marui Steyr High Cycle AEG, but with Tan color finish

Gas guns

XDM-40 Gas Blowback

- Entirely new gas blowback pistol model from Tokyo Marui
- Beautiful finish and details all across
- Functional cocking indicator pin
- Very strong blowback action thanks to a large piston/cylinder design
- Realistic trigger feel
- Ambidexterous magazine release catch
- Functional grip safety
- Removable back panels
- Functional slide release catch
- Adjustable Hop Up System
- 25rnd “stainless” color finish magazine
- Can accept tactical torch etc. to underrail
- Fits real holsters such as e.g. Blackhawk CQC Sherpa
- Planned release date December 2011
- MSRP 16,800 yen (same as i.e. Tokyo Marui Government M1911A1 GBB)

Download Official Tokyo Marui PDF here

Colt Government S’70 Gas Blowback

- More modern variation of the existing Government M1911A1 GBB
- Blue surface finish
- Sam safety and super hammer
- Colt’s gold medallion in the grip

Download Official Tokyo Marui PDF here

Bio Hazard series Samurai Edge Barry Burton Model (Limited Edition)

- 15th anniversary model based on earlier Samurai Edge M92F gas blowback
- Not released yet

Bio Hazard series Samurai Edge M92F Kendo S.T.A.R.S. Custom Chris Redfield Model (Limited Edition)

- 15th anniversary model based on earlier Samurai Edge M92F gas blowback
- On sale now

Download Official Tokyo Marui PDF here

Other releases

M19 & M66 Combat Magnum gas revolver
- snubnose versions of the Tokyo Marui revolver series

- addition to the Tokyo Marui Boys AEG series

M9A1 Electric Blowback EBB
- new variant of the M92F Military EBB

Return of the low-cost Tokyo Marui fixed slide gas guns!

First released some two decades ago the venerable Tokyo Marui fixed slide gas gun series have returned! Incredibly popular at one time among beginner airsoft players Tokyo Marui has now added much needed Hop Up unit to these models, but otherwise they seem to remain the same! Their fast rate of fire, rugged design and reliability (for gas guns) combined with low price make have made them relatively attractive option for those who wish to try the game without investing large sums at first.

Tactical up: LayLax M4 Ambi Magazine Catch

This neat new custom part from LayLax allows ambidexterous handling of M4 when it comes to magazine release. Given M4/M16 series old design it lacks ambidexterious capability, but with this simple custom part a lot of that is cured. On sale now.

New version of TOP M4! Shell ejecting SR-16 Knight’s CQB EBB


Out of the blue TOP has announced the all-new SR-16 Knight CQB version of the TOP M4A1 Shell Ejecting Electric Blowback carbine! Featuring shortened CQB-type barrel, Stoner markings equipped receiver, tactical front grip and RAS-unit among other goodies this special version is surely of interest for tactical airsoft operators and military/LE training specialists.

To recap what the TOP shell ejecting carbines are all about: In the past, there have been model guns featuring air cocking and gas operation along with live cartridge models, but TOP is the first to introduce an electric operating bolt blowback along with the firing of BB pellets. It took five years to develop this mechanism before it was finally introduced in 2011.

Featuring a bolt stroke that is nearly identical to the real gun, and cartridges of near-identical size of 5.56mm and 45 round case, the TOP M4A1 Carbine is very close to the real thing.

TOP is calling their new technology Ultimate Ejection Blowback. The blowback system is electronic and the cartridge release is realistic and accurate. Unlike traditional gas blowback systems, the temperature and seasons have no ill effect on the motor-driven Ultimate Ejection Blowback.

Key features include charging handle that allows for lock and load action, bolt stopping after the final round is shot, and the shell loading, firing and ejecting that is just like a real M4A1. Made of 100% full metal body. The Ultimate Ejection Blowback System’s best feature is that operating the model gun allows you to feel what it is like to operate a real M4A1. Pull the charging handle and allow the first round to enter the chamber.


Tactical front grip

Stoner receiver markings


Metal Stepped Barrel with Side Sling Adapter

Metal upper/lower sear bar

Live bolt catch

LMT Type rear sight

Interior of bolt and ejection port looks and feels identical to the real thing

A2 Type Grip with motor inside

Metal-press Magazine, nearly identical finish and design as real M4A1 magazine
5.56mm x 45 rounds – very real cartridge. BB’s fire from front of cartridge area

Check out this video for the actual firing mechanism and performance!

Maruzen 25th Anniversary Type 96 Special Set

You are viewing an special anniversary set of Maruzen Type 96 sniper airsoft rifle that has been now released to celebrate 25th anniversary of Maruzen company.
Available in both black and olive drab versions this is an excellent chance for Maruzen APS series fans (known for its extreme precision and customization options).

Set includes Maruzen Type 96 sniper rifle, Maruzen rifle scope MRS-2 & scope ring and ball joint bipod BP-1. To commemorate Maruzen anniversary, this set is very reasonably priced.

Technical specifications:
Lenght: 1150mm
Weight: 3960g
Magazine capacity: 30 BBs

Elan World War II Commemorative Asiatic-Pacific Theater M1911A1 Model Gun

We just received announcement from Elan who has produced a very special edition silver coated Colt M1911A1 model gun for World War II collectors. It comes with full commemorative Pacific Theater markings and a display box with the same. As usual with Elan models, this collectors model comes with a price tag that is not for the faint of hearted (including Japanese collectors who have almost no access to real firearms). This model is not listed at our website, so those who are seriously interested should contact us by email. As of today maker has these models in stock.

Coming soon: KSC M4 Magpul Edition with System 7 Two (Official Collaboration Model)

From receiver to magazine this model is full Magpul collaboration model and to be perfect it comes with KSC System 7 Two blowback mechanism!
Featuring Dupont nylon made custom stock and hand guard, custom trigger guard, lower frame and PMAG 38 shot magazine. As usual with KSC, this model has such a realistic feel thanks to these authentic materials and parts that one cannot find more realistic feeling airsoft rifle! And to top everything up, thanks to the KSC collaboration with Magpul all authentic Magpul markings can be found!

What can be said, without a doubt it is a beauty worth waiting for.

Technical specifications:
Operating principle: Gas blowback
Lenght: 795mm (stock extended 875mm)
Weight: 3,310g
Capacity: 38 rounds
Hop Up: New adjustable

Release date and price are to be announced by KSC, but we are expecting end of 2011 release. Contact us for reservations – this model is sure to sell out quickly!