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Archive for October, 2013

New release: TOP M4A1 SOPMOD Shell ejecting blowback

New special forces SOPMOD edition of TOP M4A1 shell ejecting carbine! Will hit store shelves mid October 2013. Check it out here!

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Tokyo Marui HK 45 Gas Blowback Pistol

Coming soon from Tokyo Marui! HK45 Gas Blowback pistol of the Mk23 family! Features: – 3 point sight – De-cocking system – Ambidextrous safety lever – Grip attachment for strap – 20mm mount rail – Cylinder from XDM series – Adjustable hop up – 26 round magazine

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Tokyo Marui DevGru Custom HK416D Automatic Electric Gun

Product series: Tokyo Marui next generation Automatic Electric Gun (AEG) MSRP: JPY 72,800 (our final sale price is not yet decided) Release date: End of December 2013 Contact us for pre-order Based on the Tokyo Marui HK416D Model this new custom version is modelled after the HK416D US Navy SEAL Team Six “DEVGRU” uses. NEW […]

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