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Tanio Kobayashi’s M4 CP Model Gun Review

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Tanio Koba released today the new “Wild Seven 7″ Prop Movie Gun version of their early 2011 M4 Model Gun release which we will here review for those who are contemplating of acquiring either one of them. First it must be mentioned that this model designer’s, the legendary model gun and blowback mechanism developer Tanio Kobayashi, philosophy has always been making smooth and reliable firing action – especially when it comes to blowback recoil. Kobayashi started many decades ago as movie prop gun designer and such is his fame that he has been employed by many other companies to design blowback and replica gun mechanisms.

First impression: Quality, details and feel

What is immediately evident is the extreme attention that has been put into details, construction and material quality. It is top-notch from start to end with little details such as receiver and magazine markings done to perfection. The feel of the carbine is very solid, there is absolutely no wobble at all and it feels it could take a lot of beating, if ever employed in such manner. To compare, Tanio Koba M4 model gun does feel far more rugged and realistic than the typical straight-out-of-the-box airsoft M4.

Special Barrel Design

The short type barrel design allows generous ejection of firing smoke, which is unusual for model guns of M4′s lenght.
Because of the Japanese regulation regarding model guns carbide has been inserted inside of the barrel.

Reliable Center Fire Firing Action

The ABS M16 model gun developed during the MGC-era was capable of firing the cartridges by the bolt-face moving forwards (you can find this model in our store as a second hand model). Back then this mechanism was the most suitable way to fire, but in the other hand it doesn’t make much difference with side-firing types. For this model, the “center fire” type of model gun firing action has been adopted, which makes the model firing action more reliable. The same mechanism is often employed by Marushin models which have a reputation for reliable firing action.

Also by cutting a part of the bolt and exposing the firing-pin, this helps to ensure safety of the model. The ejector for the real guns is “plunger type”, but for this model the ejector is attached inside of the upper receiver. This ejector’s sheet metal is connected to the upper receiver and is able to absorb the shock of the cartridge by the entire receiver.


The end-result is reliable firing action, even in full automatic. Our movie industry customers have been very satisfied with the reliable firing action and have confirmed the reliability aspect of this model. Naturally the loading, operating and firing method is same as in real M4. Charging handle operates exactly as in real. Spent cartridges eject like in real M4 along with cartridge detonation sparks from the chamber and smoke. Rate of fire is realistic and both semiauto and full automatic firing modes can be employed. Upon firing of all cartridges bolt is left into bolt-open position.


Tanio Koba M4 Model Gun basic disassembly is done as in real. Receiver locking pins are pushed out whereafter upper receiver is pulled up to expose the internals. Bolt assembly comes off as in real.


Short Barrel & Muzzle Design
There is an A2-type muzzle flash suppressor attached in front of the front site base. Because of the short barrel the firing smoke can dissipate through muzzle unlike in longer model gun rifles.

Rear sight
The rear sight is of LMT Tactical Adjustable Rear Sight type and can be detached. Sight elevation is also fully adjustable.

Rear Swivel
The rear swivel ring is located in the base of the stock and can be switched to left and right.

The stock is capable to be adjusted into 5 steps.

Trigger Guard
Knights type trigger guard is adopted which gives you enough space to trigger even with gloves on.

The mark on the right side of the receiver also indicates that this is a military law enforcement model.

Bolt & Ejection Design
The bolt facing is reproduced clearly to the locking-lag.

The firing pin is located in the internal area of the bolt. The cut parts of both sides are also slot passages for ejectors.

The sheet metal ejector is connected to inside of the upper receiver.

Magazine Design
The magazines are copies of P-MAG. Don’t run it over by a car since it is not a MAGPUL version.

Plug Fire Cartridge Design
A newly produced hexagon cartridge. If you see the head of the F-pin you will feel what it means. The loader is designed to set the inner and F-pins with one stick.

Firing Action
The Koba/M4-MG fires in a fast cycle with a very stable blowback. The gun fires 30 rounds rapidly and the bolt stops with any problems. It is a perfect model to shoot and play with.

The cartridges are aluminum made and brass colored almite finished. Compared to real brass it is light and the cartridge ejection action during blow-back is remarkably good.

This cartridge contains a secret which has a hexagonal cut in the edge of the F-pin.

Therefore when the blow-back starts, the gas escapes around the hexagonal cut and more gas escapes to the muzzle compared to the round shaped cartridges, but don’t worry, the pressure of the gas will squeeze the O-ring, so gas will be sealed properly. In the top of the F-pin there is also a hole and the front head of the detonator will fit in. This part is secured so the F-pin will hit the cap in the center which prevents miss-firing.

The advantages for the new-type cartridges can be numbered more. It’s faster since it is lighter, flies further and if the cartridge falls on the ground you can hear the light metal sound.

Recoil Power
Unexpectedly, there is significant recoil with this new Tanio Koba M4 model thanks to the new advanced cartridge design and well-refined firing mechanism.

Package includes
Tanio Koba M4 CP Model Gun comes with 10 plug fire cartridges, one 30rnd magazine, loading tools and a manual.


Type: Cap Firing Blowback Model Gun
Overall length: 685mm~765mm
Main material: Amorphous nylon, Zinc alloy
Overall weight: 2,300g
Magazine capacity: 30 rounds

Firing video can be seen here (the video is compilation of firing session and cartridge loading demonstration):
Tanio Koba M4 Model Gun firing demonstration

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