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Tanio Koba GM-7 Tactical Short Slide Model Gun

This is the new limited production short slide version of the GM-7 .45 Automatic Blowback Model designed and produced by Tanio Koba. One of the impressive features of this model is the Koba’s patented Open-Detonator Blowback System, which is pleasurable to fire for its blowback action. The GM-7 uses new disposable plug fire cartridges to release spent cartridges realistically and to lower the cost of spare cartridges.

Because of the limited production nature of this model we only accept special order via email for this product. To order, please email us directly. We will provide the lowest price shipped direct from the manufacturing location Tokyo, Japan.

Technical specifications
Mechanism: Semi-Auto Blowback, MG Caps
Firing Mechanism: Extended KOBA-PAT Open Detonator System
Material: Heavyweight
Lenght: 202mm
Weight: 634g
Rounds: 7+1
Diameter: .45 APC Size

See firing video below:

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