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MGC XM177E2 & Marushin M653 Model Gun Special Combo

Special one-off set! Buy both for a price of one! Both models are rare discontinued model guns and are remarkably affordable additions to any model gun collectors armory.

Featuring full metal MGC XM177E2 with the same firing mechanism as in MGC M16 and M4 series! Operates and disassembles exactly like real. Exterior finish and overall feel of the gun is somewhat more realistic than in the current Marushin series. Great find for the fans of XM177s!

The Marushin M653 is a rare model gun that Marushin no longer manufactures. It uses the same mechanism and accessories as Marushin’s XM177E2 and M16A1 model guns.

This combination set contains both models. Each rifle comes with five plug fire cartridges.


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