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Marushin UZI PFC Model Gun Special Offer

Normally $778.00, now just $390.00 for as long as stocks last!

Full size, full metal cap firing model gun that has been modelled after the legendary UZI submachine gun that has seen extensive combat across the world since 1950s. Compact, easy-to-use and affordable to obtain, the UZI
has been used in almost every major conflict to date. This rare reproduction was discontinued many years ago and is scarcely available
these days.

These Marushin UZI PFC model guns are second hand examples in good condition.


* Full metal build
* Folding stock
* Disassembles like real
* Uses realistic 9mm PFC cartridges that are reusable
* Real-like magazines
* Operates & fires exactly like real
* Smoke, firing sparks, etc. blank ammo-like effects
* Spent cartridges eject like real
* Semi/full automatic

Technical specification

Type: Cap Firing Model Gun

Length: 652mm
Weight: 2600g
Magazine capacity: 32


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