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New version of TOP M4! Shell ejecting SR-16 Knight’s CQB EBB


Out of the blue TOP has announced the all-new SR-16 Knight CQB version of the TOP M4A1 Shell Ejecting Electric Blowback carbine! Featuring shortened CQB-type barrel, Stoner markings equipped receiver, tactical front grip and RAS-unit among other goodies this special version is surely of interest for tactical airsoft operators and military/LE training specialists.

To recap what the TOP shell ejecting carbines are all about: In the past, there have been model guns featuring air cocking and gas operation along with live cartridge models, but TOP is the first to introduce an electric operating bolt blowback along with the firing of BB pellets. It took five years to develop this mechanism before it was finally introduced in 2011.

Featuring a bolt stroke that is nearly identical to the real gun, and cartridges of near-identical size of 5.56mm and 45 round case, the TOP M4A1 Carbine is very close to the real thing.

TOP is calling their new technology Ultimate Ejection Blowback. The blowback system is electronic and the cartridge release is realistic and accurate. Unlike traditional gas blowback systems, the temperature and seasons have no ill effect on the motor-driven Ultimate Ejection Blowback.

Key features include charging handle that allows for lock and load action, bolt stopping after the final round is shot, and the shell loading, firing and ejecting that is just like a real M4A1. Made of 100% full metal body. The Ultimate Ejection Blowback System’s best feature is that operating the model gun allows you to feel what it is like to operate a real M4A1. Pull the charging handle and allow the first round to enter the chamber.


Tactical front grip

Stoner receiver markings


Metal Stepped Barrel with Side Sling Adapter

Metal upper/lower sear bar

Live bolt catch

LMT Type rear sight

Interior of bolt and ejection port looks and feels identical to the real thing

A2 Type Grip with motor inside

Metal-press Magazine, nearly identical finish and design as real M4A1 magazine
5.56mm x 45 rounds – very real cartridge. BB’s fire from front of cartridge area

Check out this video for the actual firing mechanism and performance!


  1. Rich says:

    Awesome action on this gun and electric blowback – way cool!!!!

    What’s the FPS? What’s the gearbox configuration? Price? etc…

  2. Thadius Main says:

    PLEASE!!! Tell me how much, with shipping to central Michigan USA, and how long it will take to gt hre, I want three mags with it, the rifle and a LOT of shells! So, I neede prices on all.. I am a dealer of airsoft and tactical training to Police Deprtment tactical units, I will be more than able to sell a LOT of these for you!!!!!

  3. admin says:

    Thank you for your comment! FPS is 280 and price is around $600-700 depending of our special offer. Please see our store for more details!

  4. admin says:

    Please contact our sales via email regarding bulk orders. Accessories are listed in our store!