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Colt SAA “The Bounty Gun” with Rattle Snake, now available!


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Now available is the infamous “Bounty Gun” with rattle snake in the wood grip, as seen in Clint Eastwood movies!

This model Colt S.A.A. 2nd Generation 5.5inch Revolver is a special edition, heavy weight, cap-firing model gun. It is made especially attractive due to the metal rattle snake accessory that is part of the real wood grip. In addition, this package comes with a free DVD of the movie “For A Few Dollars More,” only available to the first 50 original customers straight from the manufacturing company in Japan. We were able to get our hands on it, so now we are making it available to you!

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Technical Specifications
Model: Colt S.A.A. 2nd – HW Black / Artillery
Type: Cap-Firing Model Gun, Double Cap Cartridge
Caps: 7mm Caps
Length: 279mm
Weight: 712g (860g with cartridge)
Rounds: 6
Materials: Heavy Weight materials, zinc alloy
Mechanism: Single Action
Made in Japan

Purchase this product from our online store.

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