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CAW Colt S.A.A. 2nd Rattle Snake “The Bounty GUN”


CAW Colt S.A.A. 2nd Rattle Snake “The Bounty GUN”

Featured here is the gun that Clint Eastwood held in the movies, “For a Few Dollars More” and “A Fistful of Dollars.” Clint Eastwood’s character weilds “The Bounty GUN,” or the Colt S.A.A. 2nd Rattle Snake revolver with 5 1/2inch barrel.


The first thing that catches the eye, and the most prominent feature of this model, is the rattle snake in the wood grip. While this model has been produced before by other manufacturers, the rattle snake on the grip has typically been just one piece along with the grip, or the snake had been simply glued onto the grip. But CAW insisted on making the metal Rattle Snake and the grip two individual pieces. The rattle snake is actually installed into the grip, which has been dug out with perfect precision. The quality of the Rattle Snake grip, and the entire gun for that matter, is beyond exceptional.

Other features of “The Bounty GUN” include a golden grip frame made of high quality metal materials, and a round top hammer which makes it faster to fire rounds.

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Technical Specifications
Model: S.A.A. 2nd – HW Black / Artillery
Type: Cap-Firing Model Gun, Double Cap Cartridge
Caps: 7mm Caps
Length: 279mm
Weight: 712g (860g with cartridge)
Rounds: 6
Materials: Heavy Weight materials, zinc alloy
Mechanism: Single Action

Made in Japan

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  1. Alaimo Ignazio says:

    product in stock????
    price:Ship in Italy???
    grand total……?
    no Problem shipping????
    i remember last year colt s.a.a marushin?

  2. jon james says:

    Hello,I would be interested in buying a pair of snake inlays as I have the gun ,but cant get the snake inlays,could you supply me with a pair thats left and right ,regards,Jon.

  3. gabriel says:

    can i get it in brazil?
    price: ?

  4. admin says:

    We can ship to Brazil if you are cleared to import (special regulations apply there).
    You can find the product here:

  5. Ed Walton says:

    How can I get one of the Japanese CAW with the snake grips?..What is the cost?..EDW