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How long will it take for my order to reach me?

Here are guidelines for how your order delivery schedule will form. First, various shipping methods have the following the transit times:

Shipping transit time estimates
(Important note: these Japan Post estimates are from the date of dispatch, not the date of order!)

EMS: 3-8 days

Economy airmail: 1-3 weeks (countries with well-developed postal system receive packages far more faster and reliably than countries with postal system problems – we recommend this method only to North America, Northern Europe and Western Europe).

Sea mail: 8 weeks or longer (the transit time varies greatly – sometimes less, sometimes more)

Since packages are subject to transit delays please allow some additional time to the above estimates. If you still have not received your package despite waiting at least few weeks beyond the above estimates, please email us at
Order processing time
It will depend of the item(s) ordered and destination country (some locations, such as the United States, might require product modification), but as general rule of thumb you should reserve one week for us to process your order. Backorder and special order items require additional time for processing (see below for more details).

Backorders & special order items
In case of special order items our sales will give you estimate of the delivery time at the time of order. Keep in mind that special order items are always treated differently from regular orders.

Backorder items
With upcoming implementation of new order processing system we will make effort to reduce backorders to minimum, but in some cases we might accept backorder for certain items.

Unfortunately, Japanese hobby product manufacturers produce their products irregularly and it is hard to provide exact schedules for new productions of certain items. Even when the specific item production has been decided most Japanese hobby product manufacturers will get delayed in their release schedule. This combined with wholesalers stock situation fluctuation makes it very hard to tell you exact schedule when the backorder item will be back in stock.

However, here are some guidelines to give you better idea of what kind of waiting time you might be looking at:
  • If you're waiting for a newly-released, standard item, there is a good chance that it might be restocked in near future (one to two months) as new items get often two production runs within short space of time
  • If you're waiting on an item that was originally released more than a year ago or is not considered to be a common item, you should always request estimate from us as the restocking dates of these items vary heavily.
  • Garage type production (very limited custom production item from small maker) or custom item backorders are not accepted.
  • Discontinued items (manufacturer now defunct or discontinued voluntarily by existing maker) backorders are not accepted.
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Document created: March 20, 2010
Last modified: March 20, 2010

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