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Why are some products so much lower price than at my local dealer and why are some items very highly priced in comparison to their real counterpart?

In general our products are low-priced as they are shipped direct from the manufacturing country, Japan. There are no middlemen and importation costs that local dealers will have to add to their markups.

The mass-produced plug-and-play type hobby products (i.e. Tokyo Marui) that we carry are priced entirely differently from the highly realistic hobby airsoft and model gun products that we have very wide selection of. These rare products are made in limited quantities in small relatively small factories. They are highly valued collectors products that are built from scratch to unbelievably accurate details and contain features and mechanisms that are entirely different from the real counterpart (i.e. collectible airsoft and model guns). Since real firearms are almost impossible to obtain in Japan these products mimic real firearm very accurately in order to fill the needs of Japanese gun enthusiasts. The level of manufacture and design invested into these top-of-the-line collectible items are reflected in the price. To get further idea of the product features we recommend to view our YouTube channel:

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Document created: March 20, 2010
Last modified: March 20, 2010

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