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Fixed Slide Pistols

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Maruzen M93R FS AUTO 9 Renewal Model
You are viewing an in-development product that will be released soon.
Orders that are placed now will be shipped when the product is released.
Please note that due to manufacturer production schedule changes release dates may vary.

Maruzen M93R FS AUTO 9 Renewal Model

Technical specification

Type: Gas Airsoft Gun

Length: 359mm
Weight: 1000g
Magazine Capacity: 42

Price: 133.05 USD

Release date: Coming soon

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Marushin Desert Eagle 10inch Maxi Heavy Weight (Fixed slide gas gun)
Made in Japan
Operating principle: Gas fixed slide, 8mm BB

Discontinued Marushin model that is extremely well built for airsoft pistol. Heavy Weight materials and excellent details all across make this Desert Eagle very intimatiding and real-gun like.

Last unit to be sold.

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Tokyo Marui Mk23 SOCOM Fixed Slide Gas Gun Full Set (Non-blowback gas airsoft pistol, NBB)
Out of stock
This Marui's latest Mk23 Full Set is based on Mk23 Phase II Proto Model and surprisingly contains black hardened carrying case, SOCOM silencer(Marui) and replica Light Attachment Module(LAM) with working lights. The carrying case is nicely designed, although plastic one. There is a large military-type block letters in the top of the case stating "SOCOM MK23" and "Tokyo Marui Co. Ltd." setting the mood from the beginning. All the accessories fits nicely inside the case and it makes extremely appealing product sales box as you can see from the photo gallery on these pages.

Taking the pistol out of the box into close examination reveals that the gun is extremely well detailed on the surface with for example finely detailed hand grips and slide details including code markings. The Marui Mk23 weights fully loaded slightly above 1,000g(real one is 1,920g) with weight nicely balanced across the gun. Construction is solid and no wobbling is evident anywhere, which is notable as the gun has field-strip option like GBB ones. It also has working safety, but the unique Mk23 de-cocking lever is unfortunately non-functional. The SOCOM silencer is made from plastic and is strictly cosmetic silencer. The inner construction is made from softener pieces that could be prone to cause BB jams inside the silencer. However, the markings on the silencer are very nicely done(photo on the bottom of the page).

The Light Attachment Module (LAM) is powered by three small batteries and is switched on by using a main switch located at bottom of LAM. The lights can be switched on temporarily or permanently using sideways moving switch behind the LAM. The power of this LAM is not meant for serious airsoft players, but merely as atmosphere creator, which is exactly the term Tokyo Marui designer used for the small red light that is housed just above the main white light (imitating IR/laser sight).

Loading the gun is simple enough with standard magazine-down gas loading procedure and manual BB insertion (without loading stick). The magazine takes 28 BBs and is fully metal.

Magazine is now loaded and inserted. The main expectation is how the trigger mechanism works, as they have been quite problematic in other previous heavyweight NBB guns with either having too much trigger-pull or prone to breaking down with extensive use. We notice with the first shots (both empty and loaded) that the trigger pull has become considerably bigger than in the prototype version that was demonstrated some months ago. Even so, it is still lower than the usual heavyweight NBB pistols. With each trigger pull the trigger mechanism emits small creaking loading sound before the actual shot and the hammer action is bit on the slow side. Emptying few magazines tells initial story that the mechanism works without flaws and seems to be reliable. The slow rate of fire due to trigger pull and hammer action is on the downside for this model, but on other hand the real Mk23 must not be that quick either.

You have three ways to shoot this pistol with first being the traditional double action trigger pull and second arming the hammer by hand cocking. Third is rather unique for NBB. The fieldstrip level is switched to down position with your thumb which will release the slide for movement and then pull the slide back just like cocking the real gun! The natural reason for this cocking option is the field takedown feature that this Marui Mk23 has. The muzzle velocity is standard for Tokyo Marui handguns and is well within the safety recommendations of ASGK. Hop Up is adjustable and the adjusting unit is found from inside the gun in barrel mechanism. This is convenient using small rotating Hop Up adjustment wheel with clear markings (see below for photograph).

The fieldstrip function is useful with quick and effective takedown procedure that allows cleaning and greasing of the internal parts or clearing jammed BB out of the barrel.

Tokyo Marui Mk23 Fixed Slide fits well to beginners and Mk23 fans, but it is also worth a thought for old timers as a sidearm instead of rather pricey KSC Mk23 GBBs that must be well protected in holster in the heat of combat. Marui has surely hit small gold mine here due to fact that real Mk23 is showing up more and more in computer and console games, which most likely will mean that demand of this pistol is ensured for years to come.

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